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Upperhouse Properties
We are a real estate company based in Nanyuki, Laikipia Kenya. Buying | Selling | Leasing | Renting | Consultancy
Upperhouse Properties has 27 listings in Nanyuki and a total of 28 listings.
For Sale 21 To Rent 7
Laiki Homes
LAIKI Ranches, having over 3 years’ experience in the real estate, advertising, and construction sector, is comprised of a team of highly trained and client focused individuals. As a team, we have grown to provide clients with genuine and affordable land assets, linking clients to our financial services partners and architects. We do this by buying large tracts of land to enjoy economies of scale, subdivide them to smaller affordable units, develop them, which we then sell to our friends, family, and clients. To have financial support in construction of your next home, we are careful to only provide land parcels to clients that have capital value in order to act as collateral, which means that the land parcels are growing in value. Our clients are Kenyans within the country and the diaspora. We also have a number of clients who are not residents but our legal team has a way of registering the title deeds under them.
Laiki Homes has 20 listings in Nanyuki and a total of 24 listings.
For Sale 14 To Rent 10
Pavillion Capital Ltd
Pavillion Capital Ltd has 6 listings in Nanyuki and a total of 104 listings.
For Sale 62 To Rent 42
Aristocrat Realtors
At Aristocrat Realtors we specialize in the ultra-affluent market. Whether you are buying, selling or just dreaming, we deliver unsurpassed client service and attention to detail. With adequate experience in the field, we offer innovative and strategic marketing plans and results-focused negotiation ability.Our innovative, multi-tiered marketing plans have yielded excellent results in luxury real estate throughout the country.From the colonial historic mansions to the very modern luxury villas, we will act as your insider, your concierge and your confidant. When choosing an agent, please remember, we represent buyers and sellers of beautiful properties in a variety of locations and price ranges.
Aristocrat Realtors has 5 listings in Nanyuki and a total of 241 listings.
For Sale 114 To Rent 127
Daltons Realtors
Daltons Realtors has 5 listings in Nanyuki and a total of 174 listings.
For Sale 86 To Rent 88
Pershall International Ltd
Best Real Estate Agency in Kenya
Pershall International Ltd has 5 listings in Nanyuki and a total of 70 listings.
For Sale 52 To Rent 18
Ark Consultants Ltd
Ark Consultants Ltd has 4 listings in Nanyuki and a total of 28 listings.
For Sale 25 To Rent 3
Gloret Properties
Gloret Properties has 4 listings in Nanyuki and a total of 53 listings.
For Sale 48 To Rent 5
Urithi Housing Cooperative Society LTD
Urithi Housing Co-operative aims to provide for its members accommodation and livelihood within the area of its operation, which is fair, and at a reasonable price together with other ancillary service such as roads, drainage, water and lighting. To provide facilities for physical, cultural recreation and other matters that are customary and desirous for building estates, blocks of flats or single dwellings.
Urithi Housing Cooperative Society LTD has 3 listings in Nanyuki and a total of 43 listings.
For Sale 43
Royal Properties Market Limited
Royal Properties Market Ltd is refreshingly different to other estate agents you’ll come across. That’s because the unique combination of our people, our marketing of properties and our company aims to give you the very best service available, whether you’re selling, buying or both. We believe its an unbeatable package which makes moving easier and more enjoyable.
Royal Properties Market Limited has 3 listings in Nanyuki and a total of 198 listings.
For Sale 83 To Rent 115
Amali Property Solution
We provide clean, affordable, strategies and value-added pieces of land houses for investment.
Amali Property Solution has 3 listings in Nanyuki and a total of 58 listings.
For Sale 57 To Rent 1
Trinity Realtors
Trinity Realtors has 3 listings in Nanyuki and a total of 19 listings.
For Sale 13 To Rent 6
Roughson Realtors
Roughson Realtors is a leading giant in Kenya's real estate industry managing agents, letting,estate development and valuation consultants.
Roughson Realtors has 3 listings in Nanyuki and a total of 253 listings.
For Sale 232 To Rent 21
Knightz Enterprises
Knightz Enterprises has 3 listings in Nanyuki and a total of 40 listings.
For Sale 40
LJ Realtors
We empower people socio-economically by providing them with real estate possibilities and development solutions.
LJ Realtors has 2 listings in Nanyuki and a total of 8 listings.
For Sale 8
Wayaga Foundation Limited
The Company is more than just a recognized leader in real estate developments. It is devoted to the principle that everyone deserves affordable, quality housing and is committed to working with neighborhood leaders and government officials on broader community revitalization efforts. The Company believes that each and every project is a portrait of the company as a whole; its mission is to consistently provide the highest quality, most innovative and exceptional real estate services available anywhere by running organized and efficient operations, integrity & ethical business practices and autograph each real estate venture with excellence. By merging the talents of seasoned professionals experienced in developments, construction, marketing, sales, leasing and management. The Company continues to establish itself as one of Kenya’s leading real estate developers, project managers & property managers.
Wayaga Foundation Limited has 2 listings in Nanyuki and a total of 41 listings.
For Sale 30 To Rent 11
Top Notch Real Estate Marketers
Top Notch Real Estate Marketers has 2 listings in Nanyuki and a total of 6 listings.
For Sale 6
Ckwanya Properties/ Land
Ckwanya Properties/ Land has 2 listings in Nanyuki and a total of 8 listings.
For Sale 8
Own Properties Ltd
Own Properties Ltd is the first choice provider of real estate services. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, we provide tailor made real estate services to different client groups. Our services include; Property Agency, Consultancy, Property Management, Landscaping services and Project Management. We have seasoned real estate professionals who will guide you throughout the deal and address all your concerns. Our clients include Home Buyers, Home Owners, Property Agents, and Property Developers. At Own Properties Ltd, we deeply value building lasting partnerships with our clients and work tirelessly towards accomplishing our mutual success. With us everyone is a winner. Going forward, working with our partners and other stakeholders, we are set to transform the Kenya’s Real Estate Market in our chosen areas.
Own Properties Ltd has 2 listings in Nanyuki and a total of 11 listings.
For Sale 11
Arcade Ventures Ltd
AREAS OF EXPERTISE Residential letting Property valuations Sales negotiating Property lettings Marketing Customer service focus Commercial buildings
Arcade Ventures Ltd has 1 listings in Nanyuki and a total of 136 listings.
For Sale 36 To Rent 100
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